Region F at We15 in Nashville!

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SWE Region F had a great time at the SWE Annual Conference this past month! Over 8,000 women gathered in Nashville from October 22 to 24 for three full days of professional development sessions, networking opportunities, and over 300 exhibitors. View photos above from the trip, submitted Olin College, Tufts University, University of New Hampshire, Clarkson University, UMASS Lowell, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Read below to hear what some of the Region F attendees thought of their experience in Nashville!

Clarkson University:
“The WE15 conference was an amazing experience; I had the opportunity to have my first interview with Turner Construction at the Thursday night opening of the career fair. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to attend future conferences.”

“Our section had a great experience. Personally I found it inspiring to see women who are changing the industry and making breakthroughs for younger generations. While our transition to the professional world may not be a walk in the park, these women are working to make it just that little bit easier. To see the potential each of us hold by becoming engineers is a pretty remarkable thing.”

“My favorite part of conference was all of the connections I was able to make there. I met students with the same major as mine and was able to talk with them about their interests and experiences. I met leaders in industry who had advice on how to handle the challenges of an engineering career, and how to utilize my full potential and stay focused. I met three people who have full-time jobs at the ExxonMobil facility I’ll be working at this summer for my internship, and they offered tips and advice on living in Houston, Texas. I feel more prepared to move so far away from New York this summer now that I’ve talked to people who live there, and now I’ll have them as a connection when I need one. There were so many brilliant, interesting people at conference who have so much to offer, and I’m so thankful that I got the chance to know them and be a part of the events that took place.”

“Something new I learned at conference was how to manage my money once I get a real job. At one of the sessions the speaker talked about how to save for retirement and how to budget your money.”

“My favorite part of attending WE15 national conference was definitely the opportunities it opened you up to. I was able to not only network with employers of all disciplines, but also get their help with important job seeking skills such interview tips, updated resumes, and elevator speeches.”

“My favorite part of the conference was the keynote speaker. She has gone through so much to get where she is today, and hearing her story really motivated me to keep pursuing my engineering degree. It was refreshing to hear such a successful woman in engineering.”

“WE15 was a very inspirational event to attend, and I’m so glad I went. It was awesome to hear stories from women in the engineering field and what types of experiences they have had. It really opened my eyes to all the opportunities there are available to us in the engineering field. It was great to get advice and interview tips from employers and employees as well.”

“I made a new connection with an alumni from our school, Mary Petryszyn. I began talking to her about Clarkson and found out that she was being awarded the SWE Global Leadership Award! It was a connection that I would have made without the help of SWE and it definitely will help me and our section. My favorite part of conference was spending time with my SWE friends from other sections. They always inspire me to do my best and we always have so much fun together.”

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:
“I met so many amazing women at We15 and was even able to reconnect with old friends from different parts of the country! My favorite part about conference was listening to stories about driven women all around the world with different backgrounds and cultures, but with the same passion as me. It was really inspiring.”

“Conference gave our section numerous opportunities. The exceptional professional development sessions helped our members develop more confident as female engineers. Many sessions provided insight into how our section can improve by being more inclusive and understanding how to bring these development opportunities to members that were not able to attend the conference.”

“Attending conference was an amazing opportunity! I loved being able to meet and connect with women from across the country and the world and learn about their experiences as a female engineer. Leaving conference, I felt so inspired and ready to take on the engineering industry after I graduate!”

Tufts University:
Tufts SWE was honored to represent Region F at the national SWE conference. We were extremely excited to network with professionals, meet SWE students from across the country, and attend leadership training sessions and technical workshops. Our students were very successful at the career fair as well, landing a total of 26 interviews at the conference!

Here is what some of the twelve students who attended had to say:

“My favorite part every year about the annual SWE conference is when we walk into the convention center for the first time upon arriving. There is so much excited, nervous energy. You never know what will happen in the following two days, and it feels great to be surrounded by so many strong, intelligent women!”

“My favorite part of the conference was the career fair, because it was an opportunity to connect with companies that I otherwise would not have been able to interact with. As someone who is interested in working at a national laboratory someday, I was really excited to be able to make contacts at those institutions.”

“More than anything else, I think I will remember how intelligent, successful, and professional all of the people I interacted with over the course of the event. I don’t think I have ever been surrounded by so many impressive people.”

“WE15 is one of the best opportunities I’ve had in my four years at Tufts. It wasn’t just a great networking opportunity, it was so much fun! I loved bonding with the other Tufts SWE members, as well as meeting countless others from around the country. What I’ll remember most about conference is the connections I’ve made with these amazing women!”

UMASS Lowell:
This year our chapter set a new record in the number of attendees we were able to bring to the National Conference!

We were able to sponsor 21 girls to attend (that’s more than double the amount we’ve ever been able to bring!). Each and every one of them took full advantage of the opportunities presented to them, and we expected nothing less.

Over 70% of the members in attendance received on site interviews (including 50% of first time attendees). Four have already heard back requesting that they travel to company headquarters for secondary interviews and three have already received a full time offer! We are certain that there will only be additional news of our members’ great achievements in the days to come.

Among the companies our members networked and interviewed with were Nissan, John Deer, 3M, IBM, and Lockheed Martin to name a few. We are thrilled to have been able offer this invaluable opportunity to each and every one of our active members.


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