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WE16 begins in two days!

From Lightning Talks, to Special Events, to Tours, this year’s conference has a lot of programming. But don’t feel overwhelmed!

The WE16 app allows users to search events and save them to their in-app calendar. Having a localized for all of the scheduled information, is quite the help!

A map of the convention center, with room numbers, is included.

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SWE Resources for the National Conference Career Fair!

SWE offers a number of resources to prepare conference attendees for the Career Fair! Here are a few of the most helpful links and pages.

Before conference upload your most recent resume to the SWE Resume Database. Uploading your resume before SWE16 will allow companies the opportunity to schedule interviews in advance! The database is accessible by every company in attendance.
Click here to upload your resume!

SWE has several Pre-Conference webinars offered throughout the next month. The will all be recorded for future viewing! The webinars cover a variety of topics: Career Fair dress code, networking, and the conference at large.
The webinars can be found here!

Here is the list of the companies in attendance. Browsing this page, before the Career Fair will benefit you immensely. Knowing which companies you want to talk with will make this 400 company Career Fair much smaller. Also, leverage the online SWE Career Center to research what positions each company is hiring for. You can never be too prepared!

SWE’s Career Fair will be very similar to your own universities. Many of the tips that you’ve heard are directly applicable. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

See you there!

Recap: 2016 Leadership Summit

This past Saturday, September 24th, Tufts University hosted the 2nd annual Region F Leadership Summit. The day was filled with networking opportunities, professional development workshops, Region F headerbusiness updates, and society governance updates.

Jessica Rannow, SWE’s President, gave an insightful early morning Keynote speech. She touched on her journey from her collegiate section to society president.

After the Keynote collegiates attended professional development workshops and professionals a comprehensive Region F business meeting.

Over the next few years the society will be experiencing a few governance changes. Overviews of these changes were discussed during the business meeting. For more information, head over to

In the coming weeks the Region F Collegiate Team will be working on metrics and milestones to support collegiate sections with Outreach and SWENext programs! If you’re section is having any troubles with establishing or maintaining outreach programs, feel free to reach out your Region F Collegiate Representatives! Email:


Open Call for Quotes from Collegiates in STEM major

“Running Through the Finish Line”,  is an upcoming book aimed at giving parents and educators the tools to raise confident and creative STEM-loving girls! The author , Dr. Karen Panetta, is the Associate Dean for Graduate Education at Tufts University and founder of international STEM non-profit NerdGirls.  A part of the book will be dedicated to college. This portion will use a variety of quotes to illustrate the experiences that young women have had in STEM.

Dr. Panetta is requesting quotes from SWE collegiates on their experiences. Quotes should be about 100 words and fall under one of four categories: “Things I Wish I Had Known”, “We All Face Challenges”, “It’s Not All Work”, and “My Inspiration”. More information and examples are provided in this document. More information on Dr. Panetta and the project as a whole are in this document.

3 Ways to earn funding for National Conference

There are many ways for collegiate sections to earn funding for this year’s conference! Since conference is in Pittsburgh, instead of Austin,Tewe16_logo_bgxas, the cost to send members is significantly less than last year for Region F sections.

It is definitely not too late to raise funds for the trip!

Here a few ways:

  1. Fundraise at local restaurants: See if your local Chipotle, or Papa John’s is willing to host a “SWE night” where you could earn as much as 50% of the profits!
  2. Departmental funding: Ask you engineering departments if they have funds for students to attend conferences. If not, ask for funds to be set aside for next year! WE16 is definitely a conference that will benefit your SWE community and th
    e community at large!
  3. Corporate Sponsors: Reaching out to neighboring companies is a great way to raise more funds. If you need need leads, contact your school, or your local professional SWE section.

Of course, there are many other ways to raise the necessary funds. But with 35 days to go, these definitely give a great starting point!





Region F Leadership Summit!

Tufts University SWE chapter will be holding the Region F Leadership Summit on September 24th. The day will be full of professional development activities geared towards both collegiates and seasoned professionals.

It will be a perfect time to sharpen networking skills and learn from other sections in our region!

Registration and breakfast for both collegiates and professionals begins at 9:00am, followed by a welcome and keynote speaker.
Workshops for professionals officially ends at 4:00pm.
Collegiates will have activities until 5:00pm.
From 5:30 – 7:30pm there will be an optional networking dinner, everyone is welcomed to join!

Registration for the summit can be completed at the Eventbrite. Registration closes on September 15th.

See you there!

PepsiCo/SWE Engineering Challenge

The second annual PepsiCo/SWE Engineering Challenge has been kicked off! Teams of up to four undergraduate students are eligible to participate. This challenge for this year is related to improving the performance of PepsiCo’s beverage dispensing equipment.

The selected top three teams will be funded to attend WE16 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, they will have the chance to present their team’s solution. Additionally, the top three teams will receive prizes of $100-$500 for each member. Submissions for this challenge are due on August 5, 2016. For more details and complete rules, visit this website.